Seed Breeding

Seed Breeding

Pollination for breeding project.

All  our seed breeding programs are traditional method without any genetically modified organism. It is base on the Mendelian Genetics.

  1.  Confirm the breeding objective according data from target market.
  2.  Make the breeding programs like the schedules and making sure the materials.
  3.  Testing the F1 line or OP line in target climate and target consumption market.

As Lianchuang Seeds have collected thousands of genetic materials of watermelon, muskmelon, squash, pumpkin and other vegetables. Lianchuang Seeds’ seed bank is excellent. Many companies, even official institute come asking for material for seed breeding.

So It has the ability to  breed new varieties for customer’s target market if we get the exactly data of market, climate and cultivation habits. We also can try to  breed similar varieties if you can supply the F1 seeds.

Breeding project