Quality Control

Quality Control

What is the Seed Quality?

we all know how important the seed quality to farmers. When seed has good physical, physiological, health and genetic qualities, farmers have greater prospects of producing a good crop. High quality seed is a major factor in obtaining a good crop stand and rapid plant development even under adverse conditions although other factors such as rainfall, agronomic practices, soil fertility, and pest control are also crucial.
We have many steps in control the seed quality druing seed production, packing, storage and shipping. Lianchuang Seeds explains the seed quality as follow:

  • Physical Purity—-Physical qualities of the seed in the specific seed lot
  • Germination and Vigorousr—-Physiological qualities which refers to aspects of performance of the seed
  • Genetic quality—-which relates to specific genetic characteristics of seed variety.
  • Seed Health—-which refers to the presence of diseases and pests within a seed lot

Seed Quality Contents


How we control the quality?

In every steps of production, we do lots of work to guarantee the seed quality.

Quality control

Melon fruit type crops seed standards: