Product Tag - Early Melon

  • Hami melon

    Hami 902

    • Early maturity 75 days, fruit development 30 days. Medium growing.
    • Oval shape. Skin is yellow with a little orange. Good cover net.White flesh.
    • Fruit weight 4kg.
    • Good smell, Sugar content 15%.
    • Crispy, delicious taste.
    • Good uniform fruit setting,  Good in disease resistance.
    • Good in shipping. Good under low temperature and humidity.
    • Suit for protective cultivation and open field.

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  • M003

    •  Early maturity, 80 days, fruit development 35 days.
    •  Half ananas type, vigorous growing.
    • Good fruit setting, no fruit cracking,  good for shipping.
    • Good dense net, oval shape,  yellow skin,
    • Weight 3-4 kg around, orange flesh, firm flesh.
    • Crispy and sweet, central brix 14-17°.
    • Good for greenhouse, tunnel or open field.

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