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  • Chinese pumpkin, Hokkaido/Japanese Pumpkin

    Chinese Sweet F1

    Maturity: 100 days.

    Plant: Vine type, vigorous growing. 2-3 fruits.

    Fruits: Dark green skin with ditches. Weight 2.5-3.5kg, sometimes 10kg. Oblong shape, thick meat, bright yellow color meat. Extreme good taste.






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  • Hokkaido/Japanese pumpkin, Green pumpkin

    Miben Chinese Pumpkin

    Maturity: Mid- early maturity.

    Plant: Vine creeping on the land. Having branches. First female flower starting at 15th to 16th knots. Vigorous growing. Good adaptability. Unique flavor like meat.

    Fruits: Orange yellow skin. Dry and orange red flesh when ripen, 3-4 kg. Powdery taste.


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