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  • Silver Diamond Chinese melon seeds

    • New breeding variety, early big size type.
    • Fruit development 33-35 days.
    • Round fruit shape. The orange red flesh could be seen through the thin smooth white skin.
    • It is very fast for melon turn into white color from green. It is very beautiful.
    • Orange red flesh color, flesh thick 4 cm.
    • Crispy, juicy and sweet flesh. Sugar content 14-17%.
    • Fruit weight 1.5-3 kg, good rind for shipping.
    • Suit for early market with high yield.

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  • Hami 17

    • Mid-maturity F1 variety, fruit development 40 days around. Vigorous growing.
    • Oval shape.  Cyan green skin with mid thin net. Very good adaptability. Orange flesh color.
    • Fruit weight 3-3.5 kg, maximum 5 kg.
    • Sugar 17-18%.
    • Crispy, crumbly texture, very good flavor.
    • Good fruit setting.
    • Good in both greenhouse and open field. Good in Spring and Autumn season growing.


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