Product Tag - Canary melon

  • net covering melon, yellow with green stripes melon


    • Vigorous growing plant.
    • Oval shape.
    • Excellent yellow skin with green stripes,Deep orange flesh color.
    • Very nice net covering, very good appearance.
    • Good size more than 3 kg
    • Good shelf life.
    • Good disease resistance.

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  • Canary melon

    M572 F1

    • Early maturity: 82 days.
    • Oval shape fruit, canary yellow skin with wrinkled.
    • Fruit weight 2-3kg,
    • Light green to creamy white flesh color.
    • Firm skin good for shipping.
    • Vigorous vines, good in disease resistance.
    • Suit for protective cultivation and open field.

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