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  • QXM netted green flesh muskmelon variety

    • Round shape.
    • Green skin with Obvious dense good net.
    • Green-white flesh, very sweet and crispy.
    • High Sugar melon 17%. Sweet muskmelon.
    • Fruit weight 3 kg in open field, 1.5-2.5 kg in greenhouse.
    • Good appearance and good quality.
    • Good choice for high level market.
    • Japanese type musk melon with good net.

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  • Red diamond yellow muskmelon

    • Mid-early maturity, 35 days after flowering.
    • Quality big size melon.
    • High round or oval shape.
    • Golden skin when ripen. Orange red flesh color.
    • Crispy and juicy flesh. Sugar 14%-17%.
    • Thick flesh 4 cm. Weight more than 2.5 kg.
    • Good for storage and shipping. Suit for protective cultivation.

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