Chinese Dargon watermelon seed

Chinese dragon watermelon with Good resistance, Good appreance, Good taste.

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Chinese Dragon watermelon

Features:  High resistance to Fusarium wilt. More vigorous after setting fruits. Good for Continuous Cropping. Good rind for shipping and storage. Good flavor. Chinese typical watermelon seed variety.


Maturity:  Mid maturity. 105 days from sowing, 35 days after flowering in Xinjiang China.


Fruits:  Oval shape watermelon. Fruit weight 8-10kg. Striped skin, firm rind. Sugar content 11-12%.


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  2. Discussion the suitable varieties under your climates, and confirm the quantity and package.
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Remarks: if quantity is big, we need customers confirm the order before mid of March. It means before we sow the parent seeds.

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